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By Lisa Lewis · March 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

check it out!

By Lisa Lewis · September 1, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


It's been a while, I know. I'm sorry! Senior year (gulp) is almost underway, and I'm in this perma-stress state of OMG: do I have an internship? do I have a paying part-time job? is my resume up to date? have I applied for a job yet this week? do I have a suit that I love? how does one even begin apartment-hunting? where do I want to live? what do I want to do with my life?!!

It's a little scary.

So...in an effort to keep myself busy with other productive things, I'm interning at College Fashion this coming semester (and possibly also for the American Cancer Society--sweet!!). So this'll be a little dark and neglected for a while. But never fear! You can always find my writing at CF.net or at my school newspaper in the Sports section (I know, right?).



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lovin' zoya!

By Lisa Lewis · July 8, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Hey again! So, of course, once I start to update my blog a bit more regularly, I come down with chickenpox and can't even stay awake/functional for more than 7 hours at a time. However, right before I got sick, what did I get in the mail? A free bottle of Zoya Nail Polish in Roxy, and the entire Color Lock system!! (That's what you get for correctly answering a trivia question on Zoya's Twitter feed!)

The color itself is a knockout--check out this picture of when Michelle at AllLacqueredUp.com swatched it:


 Using it with the Color Lock System really impressed me--the polish stayed on with minimal tip wear and NO CHIPPING for over a week and a half (through traveling for the July 4th weekend! and through chickenpox!). The only complaint I have for the system is that my Hurry Up drops came without a dropper...so I couldn't figure out a good way to apply them. Does anyone who has the system have any advice?

My favorite product from the system? DEFINITELY the Remove+ polish remover. I've never used one that worked so quickly! It's a must-have for nail polish addicts like myself :-)

You can find the Color Lock system available on their website for $48, and Roxy for $6. The toughest part, for me, about Zoya is that the only place I've been able to find the polish is online...which means you can't see the colors for yourself before buying, and you have to pay S&H. Roxy is a fantastic color that's worth the price, and so is the Remove+, but I wonder what kind of plans they have for distributing polishes in person! 

Stay tuned next week for Part II of the Fall Internship Guide for College Students! (And not a moment too soon: check out this article posted on Examiner.com the day after about finding fall internships!!)

the college student's guide to internships in magazines: part I

By Lisa Lewis · June 28, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

It's been a while--sorry for the temporary hiatus! The transition to DC, interning at a non-profit, and getting used to living with my grandparents has taken some time.

As a scary thought, I've already seen postings for Fall internships show up on Ed2010.com and Internships.com (in addition to some last-minute Summer ones), which means it's time to start cracking on that resume and cover letter! If you've always been wanting to break into magazines, or are looking for your first internships, I wanted to give you some tips to maximize your chances of scoring an interview and (hopefully) getting that internship.

The most important thing to know upfront is: There's no one right way to do things! One of the biggest assets you can bring to an internship is the fact that  you have a different perspective, background, and experience.

That said, I totally understand how difficult it is to get your foot in the door to get a fabulous media internship. Jobs and internships in the glossy pages of magazines are extremely competitive, very limited, and almost always unpaid. Yet the supply of amazing applicants for the jobs never ceases, because they are fun, interesting, great experience, and a surefire way to make contacts for networking.

Part I of this internship guide is all about how to beat out the other applicants on paper, because that's the first contact you'll have with editors, and the first opportunity you'll have to make a good impression. You need to have some of the right experiences on your resume in order to get past the circular filing cabinet...

So, with that, here's my guide for getting your foot in the door for the internship you want:

First priority: Pad Your Resume. If you're applying for an internship and don't already have a connection, then you will be competing with potentially thousands of other applicants to try to make yourself memorable to get an interview. This part is most of the battle--you want to market yourself in such a way that they look at your resume and remember it.

Here are some easy steps to do that:

1. Get Involved in Extracurriculars! Just like for my high schooler's guide to internships, I'll say it again. It's important to get experience in activities that support your communications skills. Try out writing for the newspaper or magazine at your college (so when internships ask for "clips", you've got them), or get involved with debate, Model UN, or a journal on campus. Extracurriculars are a double-whammy because you can list them as an activity on your resume, or (if you don't have any work experience) as your "Relevant Experience" position(s).

*1. As a corollary, don't forget about your classes and GPA! Taking science classes and having a 2.0 GPA will not get you interviews--make sure to take an English class (writing is a plus!) and keep your GPA above a 3.0.

2. Write Some "Clips"! This is journalist-speak for published samples of your writing. Often internships that don't require any writing at all "on the job" still want to see samples of work that you've done. Blogs can count for this, but a clip itself is essentially the photocopy of the "clipped-out-of-the-newspaper" version of your story. Make sure that you've got the name of the publication and the date of the original printing included on your clips! And make sure to give it a once-over to check for spelling, grammar, or factual errors. Mistakes are high stakes at magazines--when I was at Seventeen, if we miscredited a beauty product, we would have to make it up to the brand in some way (often with free ad pages). Show the magazine that you've got the attention to detail that won't cost them $$!

3. Make It Pretty: Take a look at these for inspiration. If you're applying for a graphic design-type internship, making your resume look like you put thought into the design can be an asset. For everyone else, don't try to make it too fancy. The best thing about most of these designs is that they still leave a lot of white space, but they guide your eye where it should go.


Now, having the best-looking resume might be great, but I've heard from more than one employer that (especially when received as e-mail applications), the first thing that employers look at is the cover letter, and that's when the first round of cuts happens. SO...



1. Write A Great Cover Letter!! Your college's Career Center ought to have materials available to you (and maybe even someone to read it and give you feedback). The best cover letters are brief (no more than a page!), spell out your specific qualifications, and detail why you would be a great fit for that particular job. If you've done your homework, your resume should look great, and writing about how you're perfect for XYZ internship won't involve BS. The more BS it takes, the more you know you aren't applying for the right job (and you'll be wasting the editor's time).


Check back soon for Part II: Finding and Applying!

xoxo, Lisa

honey, I'm home!

By Lisa Lewis · May 25, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Getting back to my roots at home has been lovely. It's been GREAT to see old friends and play lots and lots of sand volleyball! I'm getting acquainted with my mom's new home, and figuring out how to get around from the new place. I never realized how little I knew about navigation outside of the town we used to live in!!

The downside of being home is that we all share a single cord for the internet, which happens to be located in my sister's bedroom. In short, my connectivity time is super limited.

With that said, Happy Memorial Day! I hope you enjoy your time outside (in the sun, if you're able). Here in Colorado it has been rainy for the past few days (and it hardly ever rains, much less for days on end, here).

This led me to a discovery: did you know that all Totes umbrellas come with a lifetime warranty? It's a great tip for NYC-ers who tend to throw umbrellas in the nearest garbage can out of frustration on rainy days.

One drugstore find I've been loving in the transition from NYC weather to CO weather is the Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque with Natural English Clay. Clay is reknown for its ability to draw impurities out of the skin, and this masque is no exception. My skin tone is evening out and blemishes are becoming less noticable (but also being pulled towards the surface of the skin so they won't lurk underneath and cause redness) Even better, it's got a bargain price--mine was $5.50 at Sally Beauty Supply, but their designated online retailer has it for $4.29. What a steal!

I first started using the Queen Helene line of products after trying my suitemate's facial scrub in the shower (it was the Oatmeal 'n Honey Facial Scrub--sorry Ian!). It had a super fine grit texture, which worked gently and perfectly with my skin (some grittier, rougher scrubs leave my skin more flaky than fabulous).


Have you tried Queen Helene products?

Enjoy your day, and eat lots of grilled foods!

xoxo, Lisa



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